the team.



Period Six Studio is our mother-daughter collaboration, and boy has it been a long time coming! We’ve been a team taking on the world…one car ride at a time, working through our best (and worst) ideas while running errands, supporting each other’s activities and putzing*. We are REALLY great putzers. Now all that doing “nothing” (as Dad and Gramma put it) is being put to good use, for it was in that time that we shared our mutual love of finding cool stuff, interesting people, and observing the world. What we've seen is what we hope to share at Period Six. 

we admire, salvage and celebrate.

We believe everyone has a unique story and should sing out! We know art is everywhere, natural and man-made. We've seen that life's vivid utterances are proof of our singular wonder and shared human experience- and both are awesome! Taking in these truths we can't help but to find objects to give a new life to and other people's creations that we have to share. 

a few of our favorite things.

Chaco flip flops, chocolate and craft beer after a day of skiing moguls and trees, coffee - anytime, rusty stuff, lace and crazy patterns fabrics paired with rusty stuff, mountains, good stories, our shop dogs.

*putzing: stopping to look at pretty things and drinking lots of lattes. 

*** Ann (or as I call her, Mom) doesn't do pictures, so Hazel is a pretty good substitute!

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